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"By the time our youngest daughter, Amanda,  was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with severe ADHD, extreme Separation Anxiety and emerging Oppositional Defiant Disorder.   Her school would oftentimes make her eat  lunch all alone since she was unable to control herself.  Her bus driver had said that in 18 years he had never encountered a child as difficult as her and threatened repeatedly to kick her off the bus.   This has been both hard and heart breaking for our family.   In December of 2008 I began taking Amanda to Psychologists, Sleep Therapists, Psychiatrists, Ear Nose and Throat Specialists and, of course, Pediatricians.  My poor daughter received 2 EKGs, numerous blood draws, stool and urine analysis, x-rays, sleep studies and psychological testing.  None of these were able to identify the source of her difficulties.   We began seeing Doctor Anderson in July of 2010.  It was such a relief to be in his office.  Doctor Anderson was patient, kind and hopeful.  He quickly ordered tests to see WHY she was having so many problems.  Tests which identified many issues she was having.  Some of which could be remedied with simple supplements.  Amanda is now a sweet, gentle, CALM  little girl that is a delight!   No one that meets her now for the first time would ever believe there was a problem.  I believe that If Dr. Anderson could help my little girl, he could help anyone."

-Eileen B., Michigan - November 2010

Update 10/5/11 - Amanda no longer takes any medication to control her behavior.  She is healed!!!  Thank you, Dr. Anderson!!

"Someone once said, 'While there’s life, there’s hope'.  Needless to say autism has no life in it.  It is a death sentence.  It hurts when the bearer of that death sentence is your very own child!  As parents, we scramble to find a meaning behind all this.  When a large number of society labels this disease as incurable, as parents we have to look the other way to dream on for their son or daughter in spite of what the world may think.  Often times, this leaves the parents feeling “left behind” and discouraged.  If it hadn’t been for our faith in God’s Word and believing that His Word promises us complete restoration of health and wholesomeness, we would’ve lost this race…


Walking along with us in this race is Dr. Anderson. We were without a proper physician for almost 7 years when Dr. Anderson walked into our lives.  He is our answered prayers!! He not only became a physician for our son but he counseled us as parents.  Often times, in a race to get things going- developmentally, physically, mentally, and emotionally for an autistic child, parents are almost left alone to fight this exhausting battle – financially, physically, & emotionally.  Parents are often times the forgotten victims!!

Dr. Anderson first takes the time to inquire about us as parents – always making sure we are doing okay.  We appreciate that he recognizes us as strong pillars of support who need to hear that somebody cares for them too. His thoroughness in listening to changes, updates, things that worked and those that didn’t is greatly appreciated.  He’s not afraid to make changes to our son’s dietary needs wherever necessary.  He’s always willing and open to newer cost effective methods, research, and natural way of treating our son.  


All in all he’s a great support to not only our son but to our family always re-assuring us that we are on a right track.  We are grateful for his and Ms. Anderson support in this cause.  Together, in unity and in love we are creating life!!!"


- Gopi & Lakshmi, Michigan - May 2011

Letter received from a patient's relative:

"You make a difference, and you've been so wonderful in my life and I'm SURE many other mother's lives.  People that go through crisis or live w/ DAILY intense stress (as w/ parents of autistic children) don't have the ENERGY to tell you how much they appreciate you but I KNOW they do and I want to tell you that for them as well as for me. 

It's unbelievable to be able to have you to go to.  You are wonderful and God is definitely using you and you are a BLESSING to me and my family.

You are very, very encouraging: A wonderful ray of sunshine that lights our way. 

I KNOW God led me to you.

'Thank you' doesn't seem enough."

- C. W.  -  July 2011

"Dr. Anderson is an expert in his field, well educated and widely practiced but what really make him exceptional is his compassion for his patients, his dedication to their care and his willingness to step outside conventional thinking for solutions to the unconventional issue his patients face: Autism. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson for families who loved ones with Autism are looking for quality and compassionate care.” 

- Jackie Kaschel, Executive Director, PEACE Ranch - November 17, 2011