**This information is provided solely for the convenience of registered patients currently being seen at Abba’s Place. Use of this information by other individuals is not recommended. Abba’s Place assumes no responsibility for adversities of any kind that may occur from such use.**

Chelation Therapy To Remove Heavy Metals


Chelation: Chelating medications (DMSA and others) form water soluble “chelates” with heavy metals which are then excreted in the urine. Almost all children on the spectrum have heavy metals.


Dosage is individualized for each patient based on: physical exam findings, age, weight, general health, kidney and liver function. Therefore, lab tests may include: comprehensive metabolic profile, complete blood count, urinalysis and perhaps other tests. See LAB tab.

I. TESTING - First we must test the patient to determine which metals are present by a Urine Toxic Metals Test from Doctor’s Data Laboratory.


Here is the process:


A.    The clinic will order the Urine Toxic Metals Test from Doctor’s Data Laboratory. Read instructions immediately in order to plan ahead to collect and send urine samples by Thursday. For any questions – call Doctors Data @ 1-800-323-2784.

B.    Stop all multivitamins and iron 24 hours before test. Continue taking all other supplements and prescription medications.

***Metals and DMSA are excreted through the urine. Drink as much fluid as possible. Fluid intake goal is 34oz for adults and 20oz for children. Do not exceed this amount of fluids because it keeps urine at the appropriate concentration for accurate testing. One week prior to test – AVOID all fish and shellfish because of the possible arsenic and mercury contamination. Continue diet as prescribed by Dr. Anderson, but increase fluids as directed above.


C.    TESTING PROCEDURES: The clinic will call in DMSA prescription to the compounding pharmacy (See “Pharmacy” tab for complete list)


1.    Upon awakening, take ______Glycine 500mgm capsules. Purchase these from clinic or health food store.

2.    One hour later, eat breakfast

3.    One hour after breakfast, urinate and discard.

Then take ______ DMSA ______mgm capsules.

4.    Collect and save all urine for the next 6 hours. Most metals are excreted within the first 1-2 hours.

5.    Prepare sample for pick-up by Thursday according to Doctor’s Data Instructions

6.    Notify the clinic when test specimen is mailed. Dr. Anderson will watch for lab test results and notify patient to schedule a return office visit or phone consultation.


A.      The Clinic will call prescription into a compounding pharmacy such as the Kingsley Pharmacy. (See “Compounding Pharmacies” tab for complete list)

B.      They will not fill the prescription until you call them! You need to contact the pharmacy to arrange payment and provide mailing information!

C.      The following lab tests should be done first: CBC, comprehensive metabolic profile, and a urine analysis.

D.      As described below, take the DMSA in 2 week cycles: 3 days on and 11 days off. Every other weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun) works well from an administration schedule. Dosage regimen will vary depending upon the individual and lab test results.

                        -On treatment days, (Day 1 thru Day 3) take the DMSA with food.

                        -Omit multiple vitamins, Iron, minerals, calcium and zinc but keep taking all other supplements and probiotics.

                        - Children need to drink 50oz. of water a day and Adults need to drink 100oz. of water daily. This is a lot of fluid but the purpose is to dilute metals as they are excreted by the kidneys.

                        -Bowels need to be kept moving daily, especially during DMSA treatment.

                        -Daily exercise will help with regular daily bowel movement.

Adequate sleep and reduced/no stress are aids to detox.


Cycle I:                Date________________


          Take ____    _____mgm  DMSA capsules _____times on days 1-3. No DMSA days 4-11


                   Total = _____mgm DMSA per day


Cycle II:     Date________________


          Take ____   _____mgm  DMSA capsules _____times on days 1-3.


                   Total = _____mgm DMSA per day


Cycle III:    Date________________


          Take ____   ______mgm  DMSA capsules _____times on days 1-3.


                             Total = _____mgm DMSA per day


Cycle IV:    Date________________


          Take ____    _____mgm  DMSA capsules _____times on days 1-3.


                             Total = _____mgm DMSA per day


Cycle V:     Date________________


          Take ____    _____mgm  DMSA capsules _____times on days 1-3.


                             Total = _____mgm DMSA per day

Cycle VI:          Date________________


            Take ____    ______mgm  DMSA capsules _____times on days 1-3.


                                    Total = _____mgm DMSA per day

At the end of this time, take a 6 week rest period to allow the metal to redistribute in the body.


After the 6 week rest period, a second Urine Toxic Metals Test should be done to determine the residual toxic metal burden. The following baseline laboratory studies should then be repeated to assure body organs are continuing to function normally: CBC, comprehensive metabolic profile and urine analysis. For any questions our patients may reach us at (231) 228-4567.



Dr. Anderson will advise patients which supplements are to be used.


Possible supplements to be used during Metals Removal EXCEPT when taking DMSA are listed below. See “Supplements” Tab for specifics.

Most of these supplements are available through the Wellevate division of Emerson Ecologics. This is the supplier that we use most:


                                        Phone: 855.935.5382 (855.WELLEVATE)

                                        Email: support@wellevate.me

Once you register with them under Dr. Anderson’s name and select a personal password, Wellevate will fill your order and provide a %15 discount off the retail price. (You, may, however choose another supplier.)

A.     These supplements contain vitamins, minerals and herbs for liver, kidney and antioxidant health that are specially formulated for metals removal. They are intended for the safe removal of heavy metals out of the body and to replenish nutrients lost in the process.

            1. Basic Detox Nutrients, Thorne Research

                        Take ___________ capsules per day

            2. Mediclear SGS Chocolate Shake, Thorne Research, alternative to basic detox nutrient capsules.

                        Take ___________ Scoops per day

            3. To help keep bowels moving daily:

                        A. Fibermend, Thorne Research

                            Take 1-2 scoops per day -  OR

                        B. Psyllium (Health Food Store)

                             Take 1-2 Tbs. per day

            4. Glutathione - Body's main detoxifier and antioxidant (Choose One)

                        A. Kirkman Reduced L-Glutathione Lotion

                                    Apply 1 scoop nightly, rotate application sites:

                                    Upper arms, thighs, abdomen, back and buttocks

                        B. Readisorb - Reduced lipoceutical oral glutathione liquid. Order thru                                          www.yourenergysystems.com or call 1-877-323-3238. Mention Dr. Anderson's name to receive a discount.


            5. Some additional Detox Aids – such as:


                        A. High Absorption Curcumin - cools off inflammation in the body

                        including in the gut and brain.

                                    Take ___________ per day

                        B. Buffered Vitamin C

                                    Take ___________ per day

                        C. Probiotic

                                    Take ___________ per day

                        D. Extra Magnesium

                                    Take ___________ per day.