**This information is provided solely for the convenience of registered patients currently being seen at Abba’s Place. Use of this information by other individuals is not recommended. Abba’s Place assumes no responsibility for adversities of any kind that may occur from such use.**

Labs are familiar with the need for children on the autism spectrum to get in and out quickly. Parents should call ahead to explain and make an appointment so the clinic will have the necessary staff available.

Lab Tests – General Information

General Information

I. Clinic will call lab and order kit(s) to arrive at patient's home. If it does not arrive within one (1) week, call Clinic back.


II. Thoroughly read instructions as soon as kit arrives! If you have any questions, call the number on the instructions. PLAN AHEAD to send kit in on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ensure it arrives before the weekend.


III. Fill out test requisition form and include payment by check or credit card. If the Clinic sends you the kit, it does not need a doctor’s signature.


IV. If the kit contains a Polar Ice Pak - place it in the freezer immediately so it will be ready for shipping. Don't forget to include it when packaging up the sample.


Dr. Anderson is very aware of the financial constraints of families with special needs children. Therefore, he is very careful to plan with patients what test are ordered, when and how often. You may find the Funding Sources under Parent’s Corner tab helpful to meet the extra expenses.


Lab Tests


I. Doctor's Data  (800) 323-2784

            A. Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology X3 - Cost $275

            Results will be available in approximately 3 weeks.

- This test helps evaluate the status of good and bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and parasites.

-Tests for susceptibility of both natural and prescription treatments for "Bad Bugs".

-Gives important information about digestion, leaky gut and intestinal and brain inflammation.

- Read Instruction - Before You Start

-Instructions will tell you which medications and supplements to avoid 2-3 days before and     during collection.

-Also, No Probiotics or Anti-Inflammatories 2 day before and during collection.

-A minimum of 12 hours between stool sample collection and within a 7-day period.

-Kit must arrive at Doctor's Data within 14 days of FIRST COLLECTION.

- If urine contamination has occurred, remove stool immediately & take sample from inside stool.

 B. Urine Toxic Metal Testing - Cost $99 – See Metal Chelation Tab



C. Urine Porphyrins - Cost $110. Test results available in 5-7 business days.

Specimen must be frozen for a minimum of 6 HOURS prior to shipment.

***See Doctor’s Data Sheet, page 1 for further instructions.


II. Great Plains Lab - (913-341-8949)


A.     Organic Acid Test (OAT) - Cost $299. Urine results available in about 2 weeks.


OAT is a metabolic “snapshot” based on products the body discards in the urine.


OAT detects overgrowth of yeast and bacteria. The test provides information about digestion, body energy levels, oxalate metabolism levels of dopamine and serotonin. (Calming neurotransmitters)


B.      IGG Food Allergy with Candida (serum or dried blood spot) - Cost $219.

Results are usually available within 2 weeks.


This test will detect antibodies to 93 different foods. It helps determine the need for a casein-free and gluten-free diet and other foods to avoid.


C.      Gluten/Casein Peptides – Urine - Cost $110

Results in about 2 weeks


Measures incompletely digested grain and dairy products that cause “mischief” in the body – including causing addictions to gluten and dairy.

III. Other Laboratory Tests


A. It is usually helpful to call ahead and make an appointment for a child with Autism. so they can be prepared and avoid waiting.


            B. Testing usually includes:


1.      Antibodies for infections

2.      Celiac Disease

3.      Cholesterol

4.      Complete Blood Count

5.      A comprehensive metabolic profile (for liver, kidney and general health)

6.      COMT – Gene Mutation (Lab sends out)

7.      Folates

8.      Iron Tests

9.      Metals

10.  5MTHFR – Gene Mutation (Lab sends out)

11.  Oxalates

12.  RBC Magnesium

13.  Sedimentation Rate

14.  Thyroid Function

15.  Vitamin Levels

16.  Urine Test

                      17. Stool test for H pylori – Need only 2 Tablespoons. Obtain a sterile urine container from lab. Two weeks prior to collection avoid all: Antibiotics, anti-fungal, Proton Pump Inhibitors, and Bismuth (Pepto-Bismal). Refrigerate sample immediately. It will only be stable for only 48 hours.

                      18. Stool Test for Occult Blood. Obtain a card from lab. 48 hours before collection, avoid eating red meat, including prepared meats (hotdogs, sausages, etc.), raw fruits and vegetables, especially melons, radishes, horseradish and turnips, Vitamin C, Iron, Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications ie: Motrin, Advil, etc.


            C. Clinic will provide order