**This information is provided solely for the convenience of registered patients currently being seen at Abba’s Place. Use of this information by other individuals is not recommended. Abba’s Place assumes no responsibility for adversities of any kind that may occur from such use.**

Supplements – General Information


I. ORDERING – You order the supplements. Almost all of the supplements we use are available through Emerson Ecologics Wellevate Program.



Phone: 855-935-5382 (855.WELLEVATE)

Email: support@wellevate.me



            Once you register with them under Dr. Anderson’s name and select a personal password, Wellevate will fill your order    and provide a 15% discount off retail price.


            CAUTION- You may however choose any supplier that offers identical products.Substitutions are strongly discouraged.


     We make every effort to avoid products containing magnesium stearate that may decrease the potency of the supplement. For this reason we favor Thorne Research Supplements and those in liquid or powder forms whenever possible.




When multiple supplements are recommended, begin them one at a time. The clinic can advise which supplements to take first and in what order.


Rule of Thumb: Change only one thing at a time. Use a new supplement for 3-4 days and note any positive or negative effects.