**This information is provided solely for the convenience of registered patients currently being seen at Abba’s Place. Use of this information by other individuals is not recommended. Abba’s Place assumes no responsibility for adversities of any kind that may occur from such use.**

Insurance & Fee Schedule


The Clinic does not participate in any insurance programs. Dr. Anderson will provide necessary documentation and receipts for patients to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement claims or HSA reimbursements.

I. Fee Schedule – Payments for Dr. Anderson’s services are due at time of the appointment.

A.      First visit - $450 for 2 hours. Dr. Anderson provides a thorough review of the 24-page New Patient Questionnaire in preparation for the first appointment**. Use USPS to mail the document to the clinic. DO NOT USE EMAIL for the questionnaire. The data does not convert properly.

B.      Return visit - $180 - $240 depending upon the length of time required for the visit.

II. Payment Types

A.      Cash

B.      Check

Payment is required at the conclusion of each appointment. Receipts provided upon request.


We do not accept credit cards, debit cards or any other forms of payment.


**Please ensure that the New Patient Questionnaire arrives 3 days prior to the first appointment to allow ample time for Dr. Anderson to review the information given.