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Michigan Assistance for Low Income Families and/or Disabilities

·         Applying for Medicaid (state insurance) and SNAP (supplemental nutritional assistance program can be done online via this website:

  Or visit your local MDHHS office to pick up an application and/or to ask for assistance completing the application.

  To locate an office near you visit:


·         Applying for SSI for your minor child with disabilities (autism spectrum disorder counts as a disability!) can be done by visiting your local Social Security Office or to download the online starter packs and information visit:



·         TACA (Talking about Curing Autism) has a lot of great information for diets such as gluten free, casein free, soy free, they even provide lists of ingredients, brand names, and a flow chart for steps to take, they have meet ups in person and on Facebook and they can be found online:



·         ACT Today! Is a grant program that you can apply for to help with certain costs for children with autism, they have a lot of assistance information on their site as well:



·         Wright’s Law is great for special education and advocacy:



·         Michigan Alliance for Families is free and they have a lot of information, parent support mentors, advocates for IEP meetings, and can help you find almost any information related to your child with autism whether financial assistance, legal assistance, educational assistance etc.:



·         Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services is a non-profit organization that can help protect and promote human rights for those with disabilities and has free legal consults/advocates that can help answer questions you may have:



·         Facebook:




Don’t forget to check your local area for Facebook support groups and parent support groups they usually do meet-ups both online and in person!

Funding Sourcing





Monetary gifts




            Aunts & Uncles


Visit home church in neighborhood


            Explain needs with exact amounts

            and purpose: Dr. appointment,

            lab tests, supplements, travel, etc.


Check Internet for Charities

            Autism Speaks Cares grants

Crowd funding – medical bills, special           needs





Lion’s Club

Knights of Columbus

            Sponsored “spaghetti dinners”

Garage Sale

Ask friends & neighbors to contribute items

Dr. Marvin Anderson

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Directions from Tom's West Bay (13940 S. West Bay Shore Dr., Traverse City, MI):

Take 72 West for 6.7 miles.  Turn Right on S. Cedar Rd and travel 5.6 miles.  At this point you should see Cedar Rustic Inn directly ahead at a blinking yellow light.  Turn right at this light.  You are now on Schomberg Rd.  Travel 1.1 miles and you will see a sign for the Snowmobile Club on your right.  Take a right just 20 feet past the Snowmobile Club's sign and you will be here.  Our building is tan with a metal roof and is near the road.  We looking forward to meeting you!

Dr. Marvin Anderson in Phoenix, AZ speaking with Dr. Sandra Cabot regarding autism (these will open in a new window.)

Autism What is it?  Part 1 of 4.  (10:04 min)

Preventing Autism Vital Strategies.  Part 2 of 4 (11:08 Min)

Autism and the Gut/Brain Connection.  Part 3 of 4 (11:06 Min)

Therapies for Autism.  Part 4 of 4 (12:41 Min)

Watch all 4 Parts together.