**This information is provided solely for the convenience of registered patients currently being seen at Abba’s Place. Use of this information by other individuals is not recommended. Abba’s Place assumes no responsibility for adversities of any kind that may occur from such use.**

1. Homeopathic

            Coffee Cruda

                        2-3 pellets under tongue to dissolve, DO NOT SWALLOW OR CHEW

               -OR-  2-3 pellets in a glass of water & sip


2. Calming Cream from Neurobiologics

            Contains GABA, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, 5HTP, Magnesium in  lavender oil base

            See Neurobiologix.com


3. 50mcg Lithium-Very Low Dose

            Usual prescription dose 1200mgm daily

            Take ___________ capsules every ___________


4. Tyrosine - helps make dopamine - a brain neuro-transmitter

            Take ___________mgm per day


5. 5HTP - Helps make serotonin

            Take ___________mgm per day. May increase to ____________mgm/ per day.


6. Melatonin - Sleep

            Take ___________mgm at dinner. May increase to ____________mgm.


7. ADHD Diet - Carb Foods feed bad bacteria and yeast which produce neuro-toxins.

            Limit diet to the following:



                        All vegetables- including avocados and potatoes

                        Fruits: Pears, Berries, Lemons, Limes



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