Autism Prevention Care and Management

  written by a physician with 10 year’s experience caring for children with this calamity – summarizes the problem and solution to the epidemic of autism  that

is spreading throughout  the world.

Autism Prevention Care and Management

Chapter One describes each person’s  biochemical individuality and stresses how attention to this must shape medical management strategies.

Chapter Two decries  the “one-size-fits-all” approach to childhood vaccinations and provides sensible alternatives to the immunization problem.

Chapter Three investigates intestinal health  in children with autism and covers  relevant  testing and care measures.

Chapter Four identifies toxic agents in our air, water, food, and environment that  lurk behind the high autism rate and advises parents how to keep themselves and their children healthy in our contaminated world.

Chapter Five discusses the benefits keeping domestic animals can have on autistic children and discloses other advantages animals confer to families.

Chapter Six provides a novel approach to autism’s  prevention  by showing that the liver can become congested from contaminants, chemicals and drugs rendering it  unable to tolerate a vaccination load. The chapter refers to  proven methods and techniques developed by a well-known Australian physician to help persons of all ages regain liver health, thereby enabling our vulnerable children to avoid what this author considers to be the cause of this horrible  epidemic raging worldwide.
The book concludes with an Epilogue and contains an Appendix of relevant information.


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